One of our most popular programs is the Proficiency in Selling - 8 Week Sales Course. It is suited to people that a new or relatively new to the field. This program is the result of extensive research in to what the most successful and highest paid salespeople and communicators do that is different to everybody else. It encompasses all of the critical aspects of the ‘Sales Cycle’. Feedback from participants shares a common theme:- confidence levels increase as a result of not just learning but DOING. “Role-Plays” which are incorporated during the program enable participants to pair up and put in to action all of the material that they have been learning. This is a very important aspect:- Just like in the ‘real world’ people won’t judge you in a business context based on a written assignment that you hand them but on the way that you present yourself to them. With this in mind the role-plays play a very important part in not just learning about what it takes to be successful but DOING what it takes to be successful!