Pro Top Training is known for its high quality programs that are designed to maximise the career opportunities and income of the individual taking part; and/or maximise profitability of the company that employs and retains such people. Most of our affiliated clients and participants come about by way of word-of-mouth referrals which stem from the reputation of high quality training that is considered second to none with respect to RESULTS! Sales training is our specialty with the industry of Real Estate being a big area of focus for us.

We know that any individual can significantly improve their work life, their income, their career and in general their quality of life by enhancing their communication and selling skills. We also know that companies that employ and retain people that are skilled, positive, inspired and motivated consistently outperform those that simply meander along.  We believe that this is why our sales training programs are growing in popularity as this is an area where individuals and companies alike can experience an optimum return on their investment and enjoy all of the flow-on benefits that follow.


1. Phone Consult

Speak to one of our qualified consultants over the phone to discuss your overall suitability and what course of action may be best matched to your needs and desired outcomes.

2. Meet With Us

Meet with one of our representatives face-to- face to further explore and decide on the type of training that is most aligned with the intended results that you are seeking.

3. Start Your Course

Begin your course being sure to attend every session and fully complete any homework that is assigned to you in order to maximize the results and the end outcome. Be sure to take lots of notes and fully engage yourself in the experience. Results are sure to follow.

4. Get Working

Along the way or at completion of your course, where relevant, your trainer will talk with you one-on-one with respect to job contacts / employers / agencies that will be keen to hire you in a sales capacity.